NewIntelligence Reading People and Role of Emotions

Duncan Sutherland has recently completed accreditation with NewIntelligence the ACT-based Human Skills experts in the delivery of the program Reading People.

Reading People is a foundation human skill. True thoughts are concealed especially when people are embarrassed, threatened, angry, contemptuous, dissatisfied. This concealment may not be intentional, but it makes true motivation difficult to read. The role of reading people is to use the techniques and tools to gain a better insight into what people are really thinking. We all have some existing skill at reading people, especially with our friends and family, but mostly we do this intuitively, without really analysing what techniques and tools we are using. You also know that you are far less skilled reading strangers, people you don’t like, and people who are not similar to you.

This training will help you to greatly improve your understanding by giving you a systematic method, which, when you have mastered it, will greatly help you to avoid the mistakes in reading your loved ones, and also to read people that you are not familiar with.

More...Reading People Flier (PDF 123KB)


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