FACS Coach Development Program COMPLETED

In 2012, FACS L&D trained 30 managers and directors in the Institute of Executive Coaching and Leadership Level 1 (IECL1) program. Subsequently, each trainee coach was matched with one or two coachees with instructions to complete a coaching engagement of about 6 sessions over the course of 6 to 8 months. Most of the coachees were newly appointed Managers, Case Work (MCW). Some were in the same location as their coach, while several were in other centres. No coach was asked to take on a direct report as a coachee, although some did so of their own volition.

In December 2013, FACS L&D commissioned an evaluation of the progress that the 30 coaches had made, and an investigation of possible further support that could be provided to them to grow their competence as coaches. The study also produced data and information that could be used to prioritise those participants who were most suitable for further training and development as coaches.    

Read the evaluation report for this project: (PDF 370 KB)

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