Duncan Sutherland has written the following publications:

Contributor to O'Toole S, Ferres N and Connell J (2011) People Development - An Inside View Tilde University Press. This contribution is a case study titled "Senior Executive Succession Program for NSW Corrective Services. The article features the use of the Corporate Leadership Council (CLC) HIPO Diagnostic Tool which was used to identify those participants with most potential to succeed in a promotion position.

Coaching in the NSW Public Sector (PDF 10.4MB): A report on research undertaken in 2008 to assess the nature and extent of coaching in the NSW public sector, and to provide a case study of coaching in one NSW agency.

Animal Anatomy and Physiology: Published in 1982, this book is a component of the Curriculum Development Centre's Agricultural Science Materials Project (ASMP) managed by the NSW Association of Agriculture Teachers to provide resource materials for the teaching of agriculture in NSW schools in years 7-10.

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