Workers Compensation Commission Performance Appraisal and Peer Review Training COMPLETED

Duncan Sutherland has been contracted to design and present training for Senior Arbitrators at the NSW Workers Compensation Commission on the topic of Performance Appraisal. The senior arbitrators are responsible for the implementation of the WCC performance appraisal program with their teams of arbitrators. Hand in hand with the performance appraisal program, WCC also presents a peer review program in which staff members provide constructive feedback to their colleagues on the effectiveness of their performance as arbitrators and conciliators. The performance apprasial training was delivered in May 2011, followed by peer review training set down for delivery in June. In October 2011, the Presidential Group led by Judge Keating undertook training in Peer Review processes.

Key elements of the training will be building rapport and giving quality feedback. Skill development will focus on listening, questioning and feedback skills. Skills coaching will also be provided on an as needs basis to assist participants to perfect their skills.

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