Map Your Brain

Neuroscience enables us to map our brain to four quadrants: left and right brain, and limbic brain and prefrontal cortex. This model suggests that each of us has preferences for using particular quadrants of our brain, and these preferences have a big influence on how we behave. 

A self-rating tool called PRISM is available to map these four quadrants of the brain. This tool has a variety of outputs. Most particularly, it maps underlying preferences across the 4 quadrants of the brain. These four quadrants have particular thinking preferences and aversions, which the tool can identify. More interestingly, the tool also maps how we adapt our thinking to particular roles, tasks, projects or contexts such as the work context. This gives an insight into what’s going on in the brain of a person who has a preferred thinking style, but is required to “be a different person” in their work context.

The tool also reports on work preferences and aptitude, career development analysis, emotional intelligence, and mental toughness.

Attached is a description of the four brain quadrants. (Download 1.2 MB)

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